New Faith

Why do you make music?


You landed in a strange place.

First and foremost, Assimilation is assassination; Integration is company.

This website is meant for our eyes only

New Faith will be integrating with businesses only if it’s members has communicated with their friend. thanks.

about people and raising awareness.




Eyes and ears.


When people see a number they either MOVE ON or PRESS PLAY.

People have begun to judge themselves by that precious little number.

It’s difficult enough to get your friend to press play.

We are a different team of producers made of people who are driven by expediting production and creativity.

The imagination should never be in the realm of self.

Your Mission

We regenerate the degenerating through our music. The right frequency can macromanage cities at a time. The titles of our songs will catch attention, and the content of our sounds will be felt with all senses.

Eyes and ears

Soundcloud is one of the most visually pleasing websites on the web. We make music for others to hear; not for us to hear it ourselves.Apparently a numeric visual will affect how people understand you; and make you question yourself.

People are listening with their fucking eyes, so we give them what they are listening for, then we hit them with music.


get to the point already;

Dont fill it in lol
Dont fill it in lol

Being tangible requires us to unite and share.

New Faith is the industry's first public benefits organization with a team of producers ready to send a message and their love. I urge my artists to start with their community.

Churches are a great lane for spreading the good word. As an audio visual consultant, guiding the pastor and VJ to properly deliver a sermon can move the soul of those who need to be convinced. When the sermon is closing, the ebb and flow of the good word has the power to raise the hairs on necks; Combine music and visual tactics with the good word and it will raise the souls of those trying to find God.

Music is a universal language. We are on the same team.

International producers come together, bonded only by Faith, to produce for a greater cause. To raise awareness of climate change.

We are here to stop the world from burning.
Cmon Gov. No Climate change?

I make paper, literally.

Assimilation is assassination. Integration is Company.

One day I will help children, who cannot hear, groove it to the music; They will never feel left out.

This is a tight knit crew. I don’t do mass emails. You landed here for a reason.

I am an audio visual consultant.

We stir the melting pot of cultures and bend the genres of music. Let our sounds regenerate the healing and hurting. Proudly wear your scars, they are a reminder of who you are.

if you have questions you know where to find me.

Music for a cause. Awareness. Disability. Loneliness.

What’s yours?

email me: